10 Best Summer Date Ideas

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The great thing about dating in the summer is you don’t have to be limited to things you can do indoors. Even veteran couples can learn a thing or two about each other by heading out on an adventure together.

“People really do start to have that delicious, expectant feeling about romance and dating around the same time each year,” said April Beyer, women’s dating advice expert.

“So when the days begin to warm up, everyone starts to feel better about everything — not just matters related to dating.”

As you make romantic plans for the summer months, keep these date ideas in mind:

Outdoor concerts. You don’t have to see a high-priced act to enjoy an evening of music under the stars. Look for free community concerts and bring your own blanket and a bottle of wine. “You can’t go wrong with music under the stars. It’s a magical way to enjoy a summer night and invite romance,” said Beyer.

Fair hopping. There are no shortage of summer fairs and festivals, so spend at least a few dates taking advantage. Eat your dinner on a stick and then share an elephant ear or funnel cake for dessert.

Surfing. The exhilaration from riding the waves is hard to beat. If you aren’t exactly a pro on the waves, take some surfing lessons or even learn together.

Food trucking. One of the hottest foodie trends sweeping the nation is food truck bazaars. What better way to sample a little bit of a lot of things, and keep the date moving (instead of stuck at a restaurant table)?

Fireworks. Put some real sparks in your date by laying under the stars, watching the night sky light up. Find a spot away from the crowds and have your own private viewing.

Picnics. Break out of your restaurant rut by packing your own meal and enjoying it outside. “This is great third or fourth date if the man has been the one hosting the previous dates. This is a nice way for the woman to treat without seeming to be creating any kind of ‘it’s my turn to get the check’ awkwardness,” suggests Beyer.

Baseball game.  Make a date with America’s favorite pastime. Most areas have at least a minor league team within driving distance. Plan for a night game and cuddle up as you watch the sunset.

Kayaking. This can be as intense physically as you want, or even up being a relaxing float down a river or inlet. “You can talk about what’s happening in the moment, rather than interrogating each other as sometimes happens on a dinner date,” said Beyer of this date idea. Besides, staying fit and active is a way to feel and look younger.  

Garage sale shopping. This date idea is more about learning more about your flame than serious shopping (though you may find a treasure or two – who knows?). Pack some Saturday morning coffee and muffins, and set out to see what you find in other people’s throwaways.

Boating. Disconnect from your normal routine by hitting the open seas. Go sailing with friends, or hire a charter to take you on a romantic sunset trip.

Whatever you choose, remember that your company is the highlight of any date.

“Relax and have a good time. Don’t feel pressured to create the perfect summer date, or be the perfect partner,” said Beyer. “Instead, just let go and enjoy observing and learning about the person you are with.”

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