10 Easy Ways to Makeover Your Bathroom

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A very generous person who pays attention to what I drool over in stores gave me a killer shower curtain for Christmas, and I have to say, hanging it up gave my bathroom a whole new personality. You don’t have to rip up tile, do demo or involve stone cutters and plumbers in order to give your bathroom a facelift.

Here are 10 ideas that are more or less in order from free to practically free to help you make your bathroom seem brand new. Pick one or two or do all, and let us know how it goes!

1. Replace your countertop accessories. This doesn’t require shopping. Look through your cabinets for a pretty bowl for soap, a cup , ceramic mug, vase or mason jar for toothbrushes, and a small tray or plate to corral your cosmetics.

Bathroom 2

2. Edit what you keep on the countertop. Some items, like Chanel powder and glass bottles, look good on the counter. Other items, like aspirin and shaving gel, should be kept behind a medicine cabinet door or a drawer. (How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?)


3. Add a table lamp. There’s no law that says every light in the bathroom needs to be a sconce or come from the bathroom section of the lighting store. Raid your dresser tops and side tables and rotate a lamp into the bathroom.

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