10 Foolproof Foil Pack Recipes

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We have definitely been on a “keep it simple, stupid” kick lately when it comes to summer cooking.

We’ve already offered up great ways to go the No-Cook route, now it’s all about cooking with no clean up— or at least no pans.

The key: FOIL– Foil packs are like little, closed, magic contraptions to meld flavors together and keep meat and veggies (even breakfast and dessert items) tremendously tender. Basically, you just overlap strips of foil and put all your ingredients inside. Wrap it all up so the ingredients, seasonings and sauces are layered and mixed together…and let you oven or grill do the work. We are going to vote for the grill— it’s summer after all.


Campfire French Toast

We keep looking at this recipe and can’t believe we’ve lived this long without it! It is so easy, yet delicious.

You take a loaf of bread and pour simple, french toast ingredients over the loaf (we’re talking eggs and spices) and then wrap it all up and throw it on the grill.
In hardly any time, you’ve got a gorgeous breakfast with thick slices of moist and maple-y french toast.   Perfect for camping…or overnight guests.

Campfire French Toast

Courtesy: This Lil Piglet MAKE IT!

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Campfire Orange-Blueberry Muffins

You don’t have to be camping to try these…we just happen to think these are the coolest things ever. Muffins, made inside orange halves, that you cook by simply throwing them into a fire. We are in awe.

Orange Blueberry Campfire Muffins

Courtesy: Apron Strings MAKE IT!


Jerk Chicken Wings

You can’t go wrong with a good chicken wing, and this one will take a mere minute to prep.

Jerk Chicken Wing Foil Packs
Courtesy: Food Network MAKE IT!


Paella Party Packs

Who doesn’t love a peppy paella? Make it so you just layer the chicken, rice, chorizo, veggies and spices all in one foil pack and forget it? Um, yeah… we’ll take some of that.

Throw this  together after a hard day at work; just grab a glass of wine and veg…while your grill does all the work. In about a half hour, including prep, you’ll have a family favorite.

Perfect for parties, too.

Paella Party Packs

Courtesy: Delish  MAKE IT!


Caprese Chicken Foil Pack

Caprese anything sounds good to us. There’s just something about the basil tomato and mozzarella combo that screams summer.

What we love about this: The basil is blended into a pesto and everything is melted right onto a tender chicken breast. It’s like a side dish and a main dish all in one.

Caprese Chicken Foil Pack

Courtesy: Pillsbury MAKE IT!


Shrimp Boil Foil Pack

We hail from the land of clam boils, so this whole boil thing makes our mouths water. Make it with shrimp and sausage and corn and, well, just about anything you’d want in a proper boil and we’ll be there!

This is so much easier than lugging out the huge boil pans we’re used to. For this, all you do it throw it in the foil and let everything steam together on the grill.
Can’t get better than that!
You can even have BBQ guests make their own packs so that everyone gets the parts of the boil they like best. Customized and simple….

Shrimp Boil Foil Pack

Courtesy: Damn Delicious MAKE IT!


Foil-Baked Fish Packets

This fabulous find of a recipe combines all the best of summer: fresh catch of the day and summer vegetables. Just wrap it in foil, throw it in the oven and forget it. Well, don’t forget it, but you know what we mean.


Courtesy: Eat Live Run MAKE IT!

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Foil Beef Stew

This isn’t super summer-y, but we like that you can throw together a stew in foil, no crockpot needed.

Foil Beef Stew

Courtesy: Emergency Essentials MAKE IT!


Tortilla Dessert Roll Ups

We can’t talk soup-to-nuts meal planning without covering desserts. These roll ups are so easy, and you can make them with whatever tickles your tastebuds. Seriously, throw in any sweet treat. Or, you can make savory versions, too.

Dessert Roll Up Tortillas

Courtesy: Echoes of Laughter MAKE IT!

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Foil Pack S’mores

Finally, we can’t deal in the season of grills and campfires without talkin’ s’mores. Good thing there is a foil pack for everything, including the campfire favorite.

Yes, you can throw together the ooey-gooey go-to even if you don’t have an open flame:

Courtesy: Alaska Granny

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