10 Kitchen Gadgets Under $50 You Gotta Get

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Whether you’ve been cooking since you could walk like those mind-blowing culinary cuties on Chopped Junior or you still don’t know how to turn on your stove, there are some kitchen gadgets you’ve just got to have if you call yourself a grown-up.
Now, while we could throw in the dream machines that cost half a month’s rent, we’re thinkin’ you’d rather spend that cash on the amazing chunky heeled boots that are coming this fall. So, we’re going to stick to gadgets under $50.


Pot Strainer

A what? This ingenuous device is a colander in the fraction of the space. You attach it to the side of a pot and strain out the liquid without having to dump the pasta or veggies into a colander.

We love : The space-saving nature. 

RSVP International-Crescent Pot Strainer
RSVP International-Endurance Crescent Pot Strainer,$13.95 



Digital Meat Thermometer

You’re having guests over and the last thing you want to serve them is undercooked meat– or, just as bad, overcooked meat that tastes like shoe leather. A meat thermometer is the answer every time. But, this is certainly not your mama’s meat detector!

This digital delight will show off three different colors to signal variations of ‘done-ness’, is pre-programmed with the perfect temp for 9 different types of meat and poultry, and you can reprogram it to suit your personal taste. 

We love: That we’ll never have poorly cooked meat EVER again.

ThermoPro Single Probe Meat Thermometer with Timer/Temperature Alarm

ThermoPro Digital Single Probe Digital Meat Thermometer with Timer/Temperature Alarm,$24.99 



Mini-Food Processor

Once you have a food processor, you  will not know how you lived without one. From pureeing super simple soups to mashing up meats to dishing up delicious dough, you will not believe what you can do.

Someday, you may want to graduate to a 7-cup, but the mini 4-cup version is a chopping champ.

We love: That the granddaddy versions can run close to $200, and this offers the same functions, just in a smaller form at a fraction of the price.

Cuisinart Pro Plus 4 Cup Food Processor

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus 4 Cup Food Processor, $42.97



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Narrow Measuring Spoons

You will use these for everything. We didn’t skimp on these bad boys, scooping up the Williams-Sonoma brand.

Why go high-end for something as utilitarian as spoons?

We love: how narrow these are— perfect to measure ingredients without having to pour them out of their containers. Worth the $16. Plus, they’ll last forever.

Williams-Sonoma Narrow Measuring Spoons

Williams-Sonoma Narrow Measuring Spoons,$16 



Mandoline Slicer

Whether you cook every day or once in a blue moon, you’ve got to own a mandoline slicer. It will slice and dice anything you want, plus grate cheese. Be careful, the blades are super sharp, but it is a must tool. 

We love: The discount. This is a bonified bang for your buck. Some mandolines can be quite pricey, but this is a steal and will do the job nicely, thank you very much.

HomeNative Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

HomeNative Adjustable Mandoline Slicer, $24.99 



Bag Re-Sealer

This may not look fancy, but it may just become your very favorite tool in your kitchen toolbox. If you’ve ever experienced stale cereal or potato chips (and who hasn’t), this gem is for you. The device charges via USB and then when you need it, it can cut open or re-seal bags– to prevent stale food. Where have you been all our lives?!

We love: that it exists!!

Clever Chef Rechargeable Smart Sealer
Clever Chef USB Rechargeable Smart Sealer, $16.99 



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Griddle Pan

We assume you have regular pots and pans, but no self respecting breakfast connoisseur can hold her head high without a griddle. This round version will fit on your stove better than some of the plain square griddles, but that’s not what gives it panache.

We love: that it’s cast iron. You’ll be able to go from stove to oven allowing your imagination to go well beyond pancakes and bacon.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Round 10.5 Griddle

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Round Griddle, $14.96



The Fruits Plant

We don’t always go for “As Seen on TV” type gadgets, but this really is pretty cool. It is an all-in-one fruit fiesta. You’ve got your apple cutter,  lemon juicer, avocado scoop, fruit grater, grapefruit squeezer and a bowl. 

We love: that it all stores together in a cute little plant design. Plus, it’s a lot of things in one. 

FGFN Fruits Plant

 FGN Fruits Plant $16. 20 



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Multi-use tongs

Tongs are essential, but tongs that do more than one thing? We want us some of those!

This fork/spatula combo is our favorite. You can use the fork as a whisk and the spatula can be used as, well, a spatula. Then, join the two together and you have tongs to pick up just about anything. There’s also a fork/spoon combo. 

We love: the multi-use ingenuity. Smart, smart, smart.


Kuhn Rikon Turner Fork Tongs
 Kuhn/Rikon Tong Tools Turner/Fork. The price was in Swiss francs, but it comes out to about $15. 



Nesting Bowls

You need nesting bowls, everyone does. But this is no ordinary stacked set. The bottoms have a no-slip surface so they don’t move on you when you’re stirring. Plus, they’ve got handles.

We love: The stainless steel design, ideal for when you need to chill your batters/dough. Did we mention the set has handles?!

Chef Essentials Nesting Bowls with Non Slip and Handles

Chef Essential Handle and Pour Spout Stainless Nesting Bowls, $ 22.99 


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