10 Things to Keep Your Toddler Busy This Summer

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Somehow, we made it. Summer is almost here.

It’s amazing… and frightening all at the same time. OK, don’t think I’m crazy. I mean I love all the sunshine and cookouts and ice cream… not to mention time with my kids.

When you’re a parent, along with all that summer goodness comes a few other things—namely, hot, whining kids, boredom, and if you’re anything like me, a last-minute panicked quest to entertain the children each morning.

So let’s save ourselves a few minutes of sanity with a round-up of easy and fun summer activities for your toddler, shall we?

Sanity saving Summer Activities

1. Water fun. How about a homemade slip n’ slide? All you need is some plastic sheeting, rocks to hold down the edges and water. Cheaper than the store kind and you can make it any size you want! Of course, don’t forget the fun of water balloons on a hot day… or a good, old fashioned sprinkler. If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, that is always a no-fail option, too.

2. Sidewalk chalk. It’s a staple for any kid growing up. And if you’re so inclined, although I don’t know why you would be, you can even make your own sidewalk chalk.

bubbles are great for easy summer fun3. Bubbles. Simple, but time-honored, kids still love to blow and chase after bubbles. Pick them up at any store with a toy section or make your own from water, corn syrup and dish liquid.

3. Camp out. If your toddler isn’t ready for the great outdoors, pitch a tent inside and make your own indoor campfire and smores.

 4.  Make a stepping stone. Decorate your garden and capture a precious memory of your little one with this DIY stepping stone.

5. Take a nature walk. There is nothing like the cure for a crabby day like taking a walk. Load up with snacks, a juice box and a water bottle and hit the trail or the road. Make it a nature walk by pointing out animals, trees, and rocks.

let your toddler help you garden6. Gardening. What kid doesn’t like to get dirty? Let your little one don some little gloves (or not) and dig in. Your planting and weeding will be done in no time. Just don’t expect perfection from little hands.

 7. Go fishing. The thrill of her own fishing pole and the squealing at worms will make a fishing trip—even if you don’t catch anything—totally worth it.

8. DIY popsicles. Go all summer classic on your kiddos by helping them to make homemade popsicles. This strawberry creamsicle flavor has my vote.

9. Shaving cream fun. Give her a can and let `er rip, or fill a pool with shaving cream and let her get messy to her heart’s content. Thank goodness for the ease of summer clean-up with the hose.

  10. Library. Always, always, check your local library for summer activities for the kids. Not only are they usually free, but kids love them and they encourage a love of reading. Win-win!

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