100 Layers of WTF!

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So, it is apparently now a “thing” to put 100 coats of makeup all over your face. Yeah, you read that right. The latest – and wackiest – beauty trend is definitely turning heads. That’s 2016 for you, huh? The trend is named, rather unimaginatively, 100 Layers.

Women (and, we assume, some daring men) are loading up on layer after layer of mascara, lipstick, false eyelashes, etc., and the result is unlike anything we saw coming on the makeup horizon. So far, we’ve only caught sight of this look on brave Internet personalities; YouTube darling Jenna Marbles recently posted a video of her attempt at the look. (YOU’LL SEE IT BELOW)

Before we decide if we are feeling this trend or not, let’s break it down. Is this 100 Layers of the next big thing, or a cosmetology nightmare?

Some preliminary Googling shows us the trend can be approached from different angles – piling on foundation, lip color, etc., or a full-on face that looks pretty horrifying. The obligatory hashtag #100layersofmakeup is gaining some traction on Twitter, and Marbles’ YouTube vid has almost 7 million views and more than 24,000 comments (as of the time of this writing).

Marbles, with her monotone hilarity, went all the way with this trend for insane results. She drew inspiration from a video about coating nail polish and “went down the rabbit hole (10/10, would recommend)”. It took her seven hours. Watch her 14 minute and 18-second descent into makeup madness here:

As you can see, Marbles cakes on 100 layers of foundation and liquid lipstick, and adds a spray tan, hair spray and 50 pairs of fake eyelashes. Yes, pairs.

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If you want to go down the rabbit hole yourself, check out the nail polish video (and the catchy #PolishMountain):

For a 100 Layers look not as extreme as Marbles’ but still pretty out there, check out self-described “weird af” makeup blogger Jeely paste on layer upon layer of foundation.

 At the end of the video, she looks less like the pretty woman she is and more like, well, a cast member from “The Purge.”


Yeah, pretty darn creepy. 

To get an expert opinion, we picked the brains of beauty guru Rita Ragone. She pulled no punches:

“Not only is it unsafe for our skin, as it’s our largest organ and clogging pores is not conducive to health and beauty, it’s also an unattractive way to use tools that are meant to enhance our beauty, not detract from it,” Ragone says. “Spackling on makeup and several rows of lashes with little regard for placement creates an insane-looking doll-like effect much like the Bride of Chucky.”

Can’t say we disagree with her!

So, the verdict on 100 Layers? We don’t think we’ll be wearing this look out on the town anytime soon. Maybe in our nightmares, though! We’ll be sleeping with one eye open.

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