10 Reasons to Keep Your Relationship Status Hidden

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You met an amazing guy. He’s all you can think about. You are so happy you could shout it from the rooftops? But, should you…especially when it comes to going ‘social.’

Changing your status on social media opens up all kinds of things…with your peer group, family, colleagues, any exes you are still connected to…AND your new partner. Are you prepared for the avalanche of reactions?

Carlee, of New Jersey, kept her relationships status quiet when she got back together with her ex-boyfriend.

“When I broke up with him, I hid my relationship status so I didn’t have to deal with people asking me what happened. I kept it hidden even after we got back together a couple months later, until I was sure things were okay between us and so people wouldn’t interfere in our relationship,” Carlee said. “Now that we’ve been back together for a while, it’s unhidden again.”

April, of New Jersey, understands Carlee’s quietness, which is why her Facebook status always indicates she is in a relationship even though she is currently single. 

“I also want to avoid people asking questions like ‘what happened’ or just knowing information I may still be sensitive to,” April says, adding that she also keeps that status for safety purposes. “I don’t want unnecessary people sending me inappropriate messages or text messages.” 

Relationship expert and dating consultant Stacie Ikka says displaying your true relationship status on Facebook isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but there are instances when it’s smart to hold off on announcing who you are dating or if you are involved with someone at all to your online circles. 

Here’s when she says it’s best to keep your relationship status quiet.

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