3 Surefire Ways To Turn Off Your Guy

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The perception of men by the general populace is that we’ll pretty much get our freak on with any woman willing– as if we have zero ability to be discerning with our choice of bed buddies. I’ve got to admit that this myth is galling and insulting. It’s particularly irksome when some of my gender brethren take up that same mantra (total sellouts!). 

It’s one of those untrue generalizations that’s so pervasive that it’s become an accepted fact. Along those lines is the narrative that guys – we simpleminded guys – love sex so much that there’s no way we couldn’t love the experience every time. Obviously this is untrue, but still it remains a common misconception. That’s where I come in. I’ll bust this myth right now by sharing our 3 biggest turnoffs in the sack!

1. When you hit the mute button

Don’t be shy! Guys love a little cheerleading. You don’t have to turn into a phone sex operator, but no guy enjoys exchanging ‘o-faces’ with a woman who doesn’t seem present. It’s positive reinforcement and men respond to it very well. A few well-timed moans and groans will do the trick….but if you DO talk like a phone sex operator, your partner won’t be complaining!

2. When you’re like a mannequin

There may be no greater turnoff than the woman who simply isn’t participating in the fun. There are some woman who, for whatever reason, simply won’t move. Lying motionless is akin to being mute. This response, or lack of response, sends the message that you’d rather be anywhere else in the world but there in that moment. Absolute turnoff. Hey, you don’t need to be twerking all over the mattress, but there’s something very sexy about a woman whose body seems to be fully engaged and responsive to her man’s.

3. When you’re not concerned about good hygiene

This is one of those things that should go without saying, except that sometimes it needs to be said! Freshness is key, and you should also give your guy a heads up if it’s ‘that time of the month.’ While not all men mind the messy factor and will simply throw down a towel, they definitely deserve a say in the matter. I know that many women are quite randy at this time, so if you let your partner know how excited you are to be with him, I’m betting that he’ll be more than happy to please you. 

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