3 Tips for a Clean (and Organized) Kitchen

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The contemporary family kitchen is about more than meal preparation. It’s become the hub of the home – a place for doing homework, entertaining guests, and sharing life’s moments as a family. Keeping it clean and organized it vital to the comfort of everyone who uses it on a daily basis.

Lisa Zaslow is the founder of Gotham Organizers and she says that the efficiency and vibe of a kitchen is impacted by its cleanliness and organization. 

“The kitchen has always been the heart of a home but today it is about so much more than just eating,” said Zaslow. “Kitchens are getting bigger, and cozier. They are about socialization and not just eating.”

She gives the following tips for keeping a kitchen clean, organized and the most effective.

Banish the clutter. 

Nothing is more welcoming than a kitchen with clear countertops. Zaslow says that putting things away like small appliances instead of leaving them out makes counters easier to clean and helps the flow of kitchen tasks. 

For items like bills and school permission slips that tend to collect in the kitchen, Zaslow recommends a small desktop filing cabinet. 

Group similar things together.  

This is true of food and baking items, as well as utensils, dishes and appliances. 

“Most people unpack their kitchen first when they move into a new place and they do it in a rush,” said Zaslow. “And for some reason, once those items are in a spot, they are cemented there, even if it makes no sense.”

She advises her clients to start by putting Post-it notes on their drawers and cabinets listing what should go there. Residents should move those notes around until the kitchen is laid out in the best possible format. 

“Sometimes I go back months later and the Post-it notes are still there on the cabinets and drawers,” she said.

Along the same lines, the location of items determines how often they will be accessed. To avoid constant snacking on unhealthy items, Zaslow recommends placing those foods in difficult-to-reach spots like the cabinet above the refrigerator. Keep healthy, fresh foods in easy locations. 

Clean in short spurts.

Some of the dreaded kitchen cleaning tasks like unloading the dishwasher or wiping down counters and cabinets really only take a few minutes. Zaslow says that when she attacks these items in her own kitchen, she sets a timer for three minutes at a time throughout the day or cleans only for the duration of one upbeat song. 

“A lot of things that seem like such a chore really don’t take that long, so set a timer,” she said. She also recommends stopping to clean up things like spills right away to save time later on. 

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How do you keep your own kitchen clean and organized?


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