5 Baby Items You Really Don’t Need

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With the birth of our first child, it is needless to say that the past six months have been an adjustment! It has been a magical time, but still an adjustment. Trying to balance a new baby, time for my husband, laundry, housework, errands, friends, going back to work, exercise, time for myself…has been hard.

I quickly learned two things after Declan’s arrival. First, that in order to get everything done, I was going to need to “cut corners”. Ordering take out, hiring a house cleaner when necessary and online shopping are a few of what have become consistent ways to save time in our house. Second, was that MORE STUFF=MORE WORK!!!!

Nesting during pregnancy is a very real thing but while going through the nesting and preparation stage, really think about how you see using all the baby stuff you are accumulating.

Having fewer items and the right items for your family will save you time, stress and money! Think, fewer outfits equal smaller laundry loads. Fewer bottles equal less to wash. This approach keeps the workload smaller and it is less overwhelming.

Kris Bineau of Hush A Bye Newborns is a Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist in Parker, Colorado who has been helping babies for 30 years and has worked with hundreds of families including multiples. Below are very common baby items recommended to new moms, which we suggest are a waste of money, time and space plus they can add to your workload.

 5 Items You Don’t Need for Baby

  1. Bassinet- While many newborns often sleep in their parents’ room in a co-sleeper or bassinet, we opted to purchase the Baby Bjorn Travel Light Crib. This item served as both our “bassinet” in our room until he moved to a regular crib and also as our travel crib.  Bassinets are used for such a short period of time and are less mobile than our lifestyle dictates. We decided that a bassinet was an unnecessary and impractical cost.
  2. Boatloads of Clothes- This is the hardest! Baby clothes are so cute and new parents will often receive many items of clothes as gifts. Yes, babies can go through many outfits a day, but you don’t need closets full. I had five newborn outfits. I didn’t want to buy many since lots of babies never wear newborn size. However, Declan was in newborn size for about six weeks. Those five newborn outfits was the perfect number! I did one small load every night and it took 30 seconds to fold each morning versus a laundry basket full!
  3. Wipe Warmer – Honestly, ask your own mom about a wipe warmer for a check on necessities for a baby.  For some reason babies have survived since the beginning of time without this item. The wipes themselves often dry out faster in a warmer and it takes up space around the diaper changing area. Holding a cold wipe in your hands for a few moments is all you need to warm a wipe. 
  4. Bottle Warmer – It is much easier and quicker to use hot water from the sink and a bowl to warm up breast milk or formula! Milk doesn’t need to be very warm – just take the chill off.  For a formula fed baby, using room temperature bottled distilled water is even easier.  And, you will be saving anywhere from $20 to over a $100 dollars by not buying bottle warmers.
  5. Bottle Sterilizer – Unnecessary- hand wash or dishwasher is good enough! Honest Company and Dapple brands Dish Soap and Dishwasher Pods are safe for your baby and the environment as they are non-toxic and green.

Each mom has different requirements and ways to adapt to a newborn.  Remember to rethink your personal lifestyle and only buy items that are necessary.  This “baby” stage goes so quickly that big expenditures can wisely be resisted.  Now, about saving for that college education …

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