5 Top Non-Beef Burgers for Your Next BBQ

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Beef may be boss when it comes to most burger adventures, but just because it’s usual, doesn’t mean it’s best.

Here are 5 beef alternatives that will have you mixing up your menu at your next BBQ:


Lobster Burgers With Brown Butter Aioli

Who ever thought of making lobster into a burger? Wait? Why haven’t we thought of making lobster into a burger?! We are more than a little excited about this little bite of heaven. Lobster, brown butter aioli, a basil corn salsa, avocado AND bacon? Mind. blown.

Lobster burger with brown butter aioli

Courtesy Half Baked Harvest MAKE IT!

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Asian-Style Pork Burger

This pork burger will make you forget about BBQ and have you hankerin’ for Asian food, yet you can still throw it together for your grilling parties. The pork patty is accompanied with a scrumptious ginger and soy slaw. Yum!

Pork burger with Asian slaw

Courtesy: Food & Wine  MAKE IT!


Boozy Bacon BBQ Turkey Burger

You can’t talk about non-beef burgers without going the turkey route. This may seem like a simple turkey burger, and it is. However, the BBQ sauce is elevated with a bit of bourbon, poured over the savory, salty, crunchy bacon. You won’t miss the beef— at all.

Bourbon Bacon BBQ Sauce

Courtesy: Broma Bakery MAKE IT!

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Cumin-Crusted Veggie Burger

This no-meat meal will melt in your mouth! The smoke of cumin is balanced out by sweet  pineapple. Perfect to put this puppy in a wrap rather than a roll. It has a tropical feel if you’re wondering how to plan your side dishes.

Cumin Crusted Veggie Burger

Courtesy: Better Homes and Garden MAKE IT!


Open-Faced Crab and Salmon Cake Burgers

This seafood ‘burger’ is formed into a cake, but you can throw it into a roll if you want. Super easy to make, and only about 260 calories each (plus the bread). You can serve them open-faced with cabbage and avocado on top. You may want to use a press if you want a perfectly round shape, but you can just wing the shape if you want!

Crab and Salmon Cake Burgers

Courtesy: Feeling Fit MAKE IT!

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