5 Makeup Must-Haves To Try ASAP!

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By Sasha BeautyBlogger

How many times have you purchased (or got suckered into!) buying new makeup, only to add it to the “graveyard” drawer of items you’ll likely never use again? 
It’s certainly easy to do! With a slew of products promising beauty bliss, it can be tough to navigate through the worth-your-while buys versus the waste-of-time products. 
That’s why I decided to go straight to a trusted source! I asked a professional makeup artist which products are worth adding to a gal’s cosmetic bag. Not only are these buys worth your beauty bag real estate, they might just revolutionize your current beauty regimen! 
BB Cream: Beauty Balms are all the rage and for good reason. This one-step product basically provides anti-aging, hydration, and a coverage of light foundation — all in a single tube. Think tinted moisturizer that helps fight fine lines, dullness, uneven skin tone, and acne, plus provides SPF protection, blemish coverage, and makeup priming powers. (Whew. With that long list of benefits, the one-step skincare title is well deserved.) One to try: Garnier Skin Renew B.B. Cream, $12.99 
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Brow Highlighting Pencil: Want to take your brows from “meh” to “wow” in a single stroke? By applying this highlighter under the arches, you instantly lift and illuminate, making your face really pop. This pencil can also be used on the inside corners of eyes, providing a brightening affect. One to try: Benefit High Brow Luminous Brow Lifting Pencil, $20 

Blending Sponge: You’ve probably spotted these teardrop-shaped sponges and wondered what the big deal is. Due to the sponge’s design, you can finally achieve the perfect blend. Forget fingers or the old-school triangle-shaped sponges (which can leave streaks and uneven coverage). This new blending sponge will leave your makeup virtually undetectable every time. One to try: Beautyblender, $19.95 
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Microfinish Powder: Ever wonder how celebs have such flawless, radiant skin? The  secret is microfinish powder. This miracle powder is a loose, translucent finishing powder that can be applied over foundation or worn alone, completely evening out the complexion and erasing imperfections. One to try: MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder, $32. 

Lip Primer: Wish you could prevent your lip color from pulling a disappearing act so soon? You can with the proper priming potion! A pigment-binding lip primer will not only lock in color, but will also prevent fading, creasing, or feathering. So go ahead, lipstick lovers…drink that Cosmo with total confidence, as your lip color won’t budge a bit during happy hour. One to try: Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer, $19.00 
So next time the sales clerk tries to tempt you, at least you’ll be up-to-date on the latest makeup must-haves! Here’s to smart purchases that won’t end up in the graveyard drawer… 
Will these current makeup essentials find their way to your cosmetic bag, makeup enthusiasts? Any other must-haves you’ve recently discovered? 
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