5 Phrases a Woman Should Never Say On a Date

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Ah, the First Date. Whether you meet for beers or go for a run together, whether you’re looking for a ring or a summer fling, first impressions are everything. Looks matter, of course – we aren’t pretending they don’t. But you can SLAY a first date, and every date after that, by coming across as strong. That means holding your own, respecting yourself, and avoiding common pitfalls that make you sound anything less than powerful and confident. That’s pretty important, so check out this list of what NOT to say:

“I normally don’t do this on a first date…”


“If you want to do something, do it,” says Anita Chlipala of Relationship Reality 312. “Women don’t need to excuse their behavior,” she says. (3 Tops Mistakes Women Make in Bed.)

“I could drop a few pounds.”


“Don’t say anything negative about your appearance,” says relationship expert Elly Klein. It’ll make you sound insecure, uncomfortable in your own skin or even jealous, she says. Not the look we are going for! (Top 5 Myths Men Still Believe About Women)

“Wow, you probably make a ton doing that.”


Talking dollas on the first date is a no-no. Not only is it bad manners, but it makes you look like your priorities are shallow. Don’t ask how much money he makes or what he owns, says Elliot Katz,  author of Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man. “He will tell you these things when he is ready,” he says.

“My ex keeps texting me.”


The more you talk about your ex, the less likely you’re over him/her,” says Phillip Petree, author of “The Man Puzzle.”  The only guy who wants to be your rebound is wounded and not someone you want, anyway, he says. (5 Things Men Can Do To Turn Women On.)

And finally….



“I believe women use too many disclaimers and over-apologize for themselves on early dates,” says dating coach Nina Rubin. She encourages us to use stronger language that identifies what we need.

So no more apologizing. (Top Things Women Do To Push Men Away.)

Basically, be like Bey.

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