5 Reasons to Update Your Summer Closet Now

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The 4th may be over, but summer is just heating up and there’s plenty of the ‘hottest’ fashion season left. 

Whether you’re usually racking your brain (and your closet) figuring out how to summer-ize your wardrobe for the office, the beach, girls’ night or that hard-to-dress-for date, we’ve picked  5 summer staples that are sure to get more than the temps rising! 

Shoulder show 

There is nothing sexier than showing off shoulders, and the  look is being worked into everything this year. Even Princess Katherine dared to go there with a shoulder-baring dress this week at a royal event. (Can you imagine?!) We are in love with the style in all ways: sweaters, shirts with straps, and cute dresses. 

When the shoulders show, you can play around with colors, prints and various hemlines and silhouettes. The shift dress below doesn’t need any body-hugging shape since all eyes are on the top details. #shoulderlove

Lulu's Shift Dress

Lulu’s Morning in Rio Shift Dress, $49

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