5 Signs You’re In a Relationship

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Despite the fact that I’m a successful single woman, I remember the days when I would be attracted to a guy and then pretty much do anything I could to gain his attention and affection.

We’d go out once or twice a week, I’d stay over, and after two or three times, I would start leaving a toothbrush and a few clothes at his place without asking whether or not it would be okay. I was  fearful to find out if he was interested in a short term fling, friendship with benefits, or if he would consider a long term relationship with marriage as the ultimate, eventual end game.

I just assumed that because he called and we had ‘sleep overs’, we were in a committed relationship. By assuming and not asking for clarity or sharing perspectives to see if we were even remotely on the same wavelength, I set myself up for a series of temporary play-marriages. Heartache after heartache, I would just keep doing the same thing, falsely thinking that one-day, I would hit the jackpot with Mr. Wonderful.

I learned the hard way that there are clear signs you are in a committed versus a non-committed relationship.

1. Comfort

You both feel comfortable with each other, and it’s not just about going out and doing fun things together.

2. Talk is easy

You can talk about any topic without feeling threatened. You have healthy dialogues to explore uncomfortable or taboo topics such as money, sex, family background and spirituality. It is OK if you differ on these topics. The important thing is that you can discuss without fear or hesitation.

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Dr. Dar is a Master Licensed Relationship Coach, Author, Speaker, Human Design Specialist, Metaphysician and Spiritual Counselor. She makes the impossible totally do-able for singles and couples through her logical success-minded and human design approach to love, communication and relationships. For more tips visit and Dr. Dar and her husband Chuck live in North Carolina. She is an American Institute of Holistic Theology Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Metaphysic

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