5 Simple, Yet Awesome Weekday Breakfast Recipes

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It’s a weekday. Who has time to make a restaurant-worthy breakfast? Yeah, we don’t either. However, ‘busy’ and ‘rushed’ is not a license to make your first meal of the day a dull rotation of cereal and toast or, gasp, and excuse to skip breakfast completely.

Here are 5 easy, yet awesome recipes that are guaranteed to wake up your taste buds!


Chia Pudding With Dried Apricots and Pineapple

If you crave the good-for-you nutrition of chia seeds but are sick of blending them into a smoothie, try this simple yet sweet chia seed pudding. You blend agave, almond milk, chia, coconut and lime together and pop it in the fridge overnight. The result is a sweet, yet zesty pudding. Top with the fruit and you’re good to go.

Chia Seeds with Dried Apricots and Pineapple

Courtesy: Bon Appetit MAKE IT!

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Crème Brulée French Toast

Sounds fancy, right? Use the full name if serving guests. Otherwise, whip up this fluffy version of french toast made with brioche (although you can use whatever bread you want). It’s got heavy cream (you can lighten it if you want) and cinnamon and vanilla. Nothing bad there!! Hailing from Brennan’s in New Orleans, it’s gotta be killer-good, right? Yep, but you’ll make it in minutes- even on crazy-busy weekday mornings. Aren’t you and your family worth it?

Saveur French Toast

Courtesy: Saveur MAKE IT!


Grab-and-Go Fig, Applesauce, Almond Loaf

Nothing better than waking up and realizing you can just grab a delicious, nutritious breakfast as you’re running out the door. This loaf works great in lunchboxes, too. The recipe uses applesauce as a sweetener,  with yummy figs and crunchy almonds, but  go wild and mix up the add-ins with whatever floats your boat.

Applesauce, Fig Almond Loaf
Courtesy: My Recipes  MAKE IT!

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Morning Date Smoothie

We were toying with the idea of not including any smoothies in the list since they seem to be so “whatever”, but we changed our minds with this one. We are totally into dates lately. This almond milk, banana and date concoction strikes just the right note between sweet and smooth-EE that we are putting this in our regular rotation.  Plus, it’s made in a couple of minutes and can travel well in the car for the super rushed mornings. (Kiddo approved, too!)

morning date smoothie

Courtesy: FOOD52/A Girl and a Pig MAKE IT!


English Muffin Egg Pizzas

Not sure why we never thought of this before. We think breakfast pizza is sheer perfection. Easy-breezy, too.  Pre-cook the eggs and you’ll have a crowd pleaser in no time.

English Muffin Egg Pizza

Courtesy: Real Simple MAKE IT!

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