4 Tips For Slick Summer Hair

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We all love the summer, but it can be brutal on your hair. If you are surrounded by sun, chlorine and dreaded humidity, you risk either frizz or frump when it comes to your hair. But, there’s no reason you can’t live it up— outside— and sport luscious locks at the same time. 



The sun dries everything out, period. Just like you need to add extra moisture to your skin, slather on a little extra love for your hair, too.  A leave-in conditioner is a quick way to protect your hair and keep the humidity from making your hair turn into a frizz ball. I recommend Argan oil to a lot of my customers. It absorbs into your hair without leaving it greasy. 



Another way to keep the frizz under control is to wear your hair in braids, especially when it’s really humid. Plus, you look creative and put together at the same time. . Braids You can pull the front of your hair back and form two braids to hold your hair back in a half up-do, or braid the entire front of your hair and pull it back into a pretty ponytail.

Fishtail braids are super popular (and pretty), either down the center of your back, or off to one side. Fishtail braids are formed by dividing your hair into two sections, and then bringing small sections from each side over the main sections. They can be worn from the beach to the bistro easily.



If the weather looks dicey and you have to head out, why not try one of this summer’s hottest looks? A slicked back ponytail keeps your hair under control, and if you get caught in the rain it won’t mess up your look. Use a gel on wet hair and comb it back into a sleek ponytail. You can add a pretty hair tie or clip for a pop of color.



Nothing is more classic than a stylish headscarf, even in summer. Think of the Hollywood starlets of the 1950’s and how they wore their headscarves wrapped under their chins and then around their neck for a sexy and cool look. Think of Audrey Hepburn riding in her car with the top down and you’ll get the picture. Even Queen Elizabeth knows the value of a headscarf for keeping her hair protected and under control. A great place to find headscarves is in a vintage or thrift store.

Remember, you can have luscious locks even while soaking up the sun. Just take some steps to protect and style your hair and you are likely to have a selfie-worthy summer to remember.

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