5 Top Fall Date Ideas

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Are you finding yourself running low on ideas for dates with your significant other? With autumn in full swing, there are countless date ideas that are perfect for the season. Take advantage of this opportunity and tailor your outings to the weather, no matter what part of the country you live in.

Here are five date ideas that will ignite the spark and make fall much more enjoyable.

Fall date ideas

1. Fire for Two

Now that it’s chillier at night, blankets and a warm fire seem all the more appealing. Spend some quality time with your partner snuggled in front of the flames while enjoying the cool autumn air and great conversation. You can even make s’mores for a nighttime treat!


Fall date ideas

2. Outdoor Picnic

Don’t let the weather catch you off guard. Take advantage of the outdoors before winter creeps up and enjoy a fabulous meal outside. Find some gorgeous fall scenery, spread out a blanket, and have a classic picnic date.


3. Scenic Hike

Whether you live near an abundance of fall foliage, or none at all, appreciate nature with your date. Hiking itself will be a great accomplishment to make together and once you reach the top you can enjoy a romantic view for two.


4. Group Tailgate

Enjoy a fun group date this fall and tailgate! With football season here, support your favorite team or find a local game to attend. You can eat tasty food and have great conversations and memorable times with your significant other and all your friends.

Fall date ideas

5. Ghost tour

Have a playful and spooky date one fall night and go on a ghost tour. Ghost tours are an inexpensive way to learn more about an area’s history while having fun and remaining intrigued. Keep an open mind and enjoy creepy chills and shivers from hearing about the paranormal. If you get a bit frightened, hang on to your date for comfort!

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