5 Helpful Hints for New Moms

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3) Set Realistic Expectations

Babies are a huge adjustment! Expect the worst and anything better than that is a pleasant surprise. Newborns cry an average of 3 hours a day, they eat every 2 hours and take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to feed. This means you are feeding your baby approximately 10-12 hours in a 24-hour period. Babies are cute, snuggly and such an amazing blessing, yet be prepared and set the appropriate expectations for the change they will bring to your life. By being realistic, you might enjoy the adjustment a little bit more.,

4) Keep Your Noise Level the Same as Before Baby

Whispering and tip-toeing around your house will only help your baby get accustomed to quiet. Continue your normal routine during naps and bed otherwise, you will be whispering the rest of your life. Plus newborns are used to noise –the womb is not a quiet place!

5) Dump the Bottle Warmer

Often a baby needs a bottle when you are out and about- restaurants, errands, hikes, etc. Is it realistic to have a bottle warmer always handy? Just run the bottle under warm water if you want to heat the milk, but make sure the milk isn’t too hot for baby! Experts say you can lose nutrients in milk if it is heated too much or even if it is refrigerated or frozen too long. It is best to use milk as quickly as possible.

Think about some of your own unique pieces of advice that have benefitted you as new parents and share with friends and family (when they ask!). Most people are always looking for fresh ideas to help make our parenting easier, efficient and more effective.

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