5 Ways To Be More Present With Your Partner

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It’s hard to give your partner your full attention when a fast-paced life makes everything seem like a priority. He or she may be talking to you, but you’re busy checking your text messages, thinking about what you’re going to make for dinner, or just spacing out because you’re so tired. While many items on your to-do list are screaming to get done, one thing you should definitely check off is giving your relationship the love and quality time it deserves. Try these five techniques to be more present with your significant other now and watch how they bring you together.

Unplug: Whether you’re snap-chatting during your dinner date or texting your best friend on your morning walk, you’re likely spending a good portion of your precious QT plugged in. When distracted by technology, it’s impossible to focus your full attention on something else—in this case your partner. A study at Stanford University shows that this type of multitasking is not effective, and may even impair your brain function.

Brainstorm ways you can unplug together. For starters, try shutting down for your next meal without the television, phones, music or any other distractions. Take it to the next level by eating in silence, simply appreciating one another’s presence. Eat slowly, savor the flavor, and soak up the experience as a whole. While it may seem awkward at first, it’ll bring the two of you closer together.

Make Time for Playtime: For children, a day doesn’t go by without playtime. But as we enter adulthood, making room for play gets put on the back burner—there’s simply “no time” for it anymore. It’s time you changed that by going back to your roots to bring your inner child out! No, I’m not saying to act “childish” but rather to bring those endearing qualities—like laughter, fun and play—into your relationship. Go ahead: start a dance party in your living room, whip out the dusty old board games and goof off together. You have full permission to wipe that serious look off your face!

Go On a Mini Getaway: Is work, stress, and life in general getting in the way of your love life? That’s a telltale sign that you need to get away! There’s no need to go on vacation to a far-away tropical island in order to take a break; plan your own mini getaway close to home. Look into B & B’s near you, plan an impromptu camping trip, or pack a bag for a picnic on the beach. Spending alone time together (without friends, relatives, coworkers or children) will help you build your relationship by reconnecting on a deeper level.

Get a Couple’s Massage: What better way to relish your time together than by getting a couple’s massage? We know that massages can be extremely therapeutic for your mind, body and soul, so why not add your significant other to the mix for a more blissful experience? You’ll both be able to relax and unwind with the comfort of knowing your other half is right by your side.

Make Friends with Your Kitchen: Engaging in social activities with your partner, like cooking together, can instantly boost your connection. They say “The kitchen is the heart of the home” after all. Cooking can be an incredible bonding experience, encouraging quality time together filled with discussion and laughter. In a world where fast-food and take-out is the norm, it can be refreshing to slow down and spend a night in together with your stove (and perhaps a bottle of wine)!

What are some ways you can be more present in your relationship? Feel free to share your ideas in the Comments section below. 

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