5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe While You’re Away

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Working Pet Parents Can Keep an Eye on Pets More Easily with Mobile Apps and Various Home Security Options
In addition to home security for you and your family, your pet’s safety is also important, particularly when you’re not at home. Security site SafeWise explains why pet safety risks increase when you’re away.
“When you’re not home for short periods of time there is a risk something catastrophic could happen to your beloved pets. Your pet could get trapped in your home if it were to catch fire, get into hazardous material that may harm its health, or even become tangled in cords or wires around the home. Having constant monitoring while you’re out, in the form of home security, enables you to keep your peace of mind and get down to work.”
You have many options to help keep your pets safe and secure when you’re away from home.

1. Install security cameras around your home.

Having home security cameras in place throughout your home provides you constant surveillance over what your pet is doing while you’re at work, down the street, or traveling many of these devices connect to a mobile app so you can monitor your pet on the go, and others come with a two-way talking feature so you can say hello or talk to your pet sitter.


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