7 Dinners You Can Make in 25 Minutes or Less

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You made it through the work day. Errands are done. The thought of pulling together a delectable dinner? Well, you’d rather have a root canal right about now. But, you’ve gotta eat and so does your family. And, the thought of take out– again– may make you go all Maleficent on everyone.
Here are 7 flavor-filled meals you will have on your table in less than 25 minutes.


Asian Salmon in Foil

This salmon should be called Super Simple Salmon. All you do is mix some Asian flavors and pour it over flaky fish, which is sitting on some foil. Wrap it up…and call it a wrap!! Just cook it for 15-20 mins, and that’s dinner!

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Asian Salmon in Foil



Pork Milanese With Creamy Caper and Lemon Sauce

This pork dish sounds so fancy that we took a double-take to make sure it actually falls into the ’25 minutes or less’ criteria. Phew, it really does! The breaded pork and creamy sauce dish comes straight from the queen of cooking herself– Giada. So, A: it’s got to be amazing and, B: this is going straight into our ‘make it all the time’ file.

Pork Milanese With Lemon Caper Sauce



Spaghetti with Lemon, Arugula and Prosciutto

Looking for late summer supper? It is fresh, light and so easy to make. Red pepper flakes and parmesan mix in with the lemon, arugula and prosciutto —-perfection!

Spaghetti with Arugula Lemon and Prosciutto



10 Minute, ‘No Chop’, Low Carb Chili

We love this meal for a mid-week, ‘throw together’ meal. Perfect whether you’re just feeding yourself, you and your spouse, or a house full of kiddos. Once you brown the meat, just add in some pre-made chili concoctions. It works as a stuffing for peppers, or spoon on baked tortillas or even taco salad. Go chili crazy. Considering this only takes 10 minutes to make, you’ll certainly have enough time on your hands!

10 Minute Low Carb Chili



Herb-Filled Turkey Burger With Cheddar Cheese

This is no store-bought turkey burger. It’s homemade. It uses turkey thigh meat, but you can opt for breast meat if you want. It’s chock full of herbs and cheese— and flavor. It’s a meal on a bun.

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Herb Filled Turkey Burger With Cheddar Cheese



Stir-Fried Beef With Clementines

This protein powerhouse packs a flavor punch with sriracha, ginger and scallions, and then sweet clementines balance the entire dish. Yum!

Stir-Fried Beef and Clementines



Good, Easy Garlic Chicken

We can’t finish an easy, weeknight meal round-up without including chicken. We included this garlic dish because it is SO easy.  When a dish includes 5 ingredients and two of them are chicken and salt, you know you’ll be able to get this on the table in no time— 20 minutes, in fact.

Garlic Chicken



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