8 Steps to Attract Positive Energy into Your Life

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1. Clean, de-clutter and beautify your home.

This changes the energy and prepares the space to celebrate the wonderful things that are about to come into your life.

2. The cleansing properties of sea salt are used to renew the chi of spaces.

To cleanse your home of old energies and create room for fresh energy follow these easy steps:

  1. In a small bowl place 2 tablespoons of sea salt
  2. Add 2 cups of warm water
  3. Moisten a cotton cloth or dish towel with the solution
  4. Wipe down your front door and all of the doorknobs in your home

3. Pay down an overdue bill.

Even if you can’t pay it off entirely, the intention is to begin to pay off some debt so it makes room for money in your future.  

4. Update your lighting to include earth-friendly compact florescent light bulbs or LEDs.

Just changing the six incandescent bulbs you use most often could save you over $100 a year on your energy bills. 

5 . Instead of focusing on not eating to lose weight, have a healthful snack before you go out to dinner.

It helps to keep your energy level up and keeps you from gorging on bread and butter at the restaurant.  

6. Wear red.

If red is not part of your wardrobe, fresh flowers or decorative pillows in this auspicious color are sure to set a promising, positive atmosphere. 

7. Make a list of all the things you want to come into your life over the next 12 months.

Light a candle and burn the list, releasing your wishes so the universe can provide them. Open your front door to allow this new energy to enter. 

8. Make a change.

Large or small revisions help to welcome in new energy. So go ahead, get a haircut, change your route to work, make a conscious effort to recycle or take ballroom dancing lessons and enjoy! 

These tips can be accomplished on any budget, so no excuses!

Let go of expectations and make room for positive energy flow. Embrace optimistic thoughts, dream, laugh and love.  

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Debra Duneier is an accredited LEED® Green Associate, Certified Eco-Designer, Feng Shui Master Practitioner, Creator of EcoChi® and Author of EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience.

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