8 Ways to Fancy Up The Foot Of Your Bed

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By Jess McBride, Houzz

When it comes to decor on and around a bed, people tend to focus on bedding, headboards, nightstands and lighting, to name a few of the common considerations. But the foot of the bed often goes ignored. Here are some clever ways to fancy up the foot of yours.

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Fancy footboard: storage solutions

Fancy Up 1: Lara Taylor Interiors, original photo on Houzz

Storage Solutions

If you need a little extra storage in the bedroom, try something different from the standard matching armoire or dresser against the opposite wall in favor of a credenza with a width similar to your bed. A bedside credenza with drawers is a prime amenity if you already have a sizable closet but would appreciate having pajamas, robes or extra blankets closer at hand.

If your bedroom is on the small side, a credenza can act as a stand-in for both closet and nightstand.

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Fancy footboard: additional seating

Fancy Up 2: Pratt & Lambert Paints, original photo on Houzz

Additional Seating

With more people treating the master bedroom like a retreat destination within the home, it’s not surprising that many of them are being decorated like full studio apartments, with sofas, televisions and even coffee bars. This tufted leather settee is an ideal scale that doesn’t overpower the space.

As an insomniac, I’ve become quite versed in sleep experts’ tips and tricks for a good night’s sleep. Apparently one key is to reserve your bed for sleeping only. Therefore, if you’re trying to adopt better sleep habits, a daybed or chaise longue at the foot of the bed is a good option. You can stretch out and read a book on it before traveling the short distance to your bed for some serious shut-eye.

If you don’t want to commit fully to permanent seating at the foot of your bed, chairs might be the way to go.

Ottomans, stools and poufs also provide flexible options at the foot of the bed. They can serve a variety of functions and can be pulled into other parts of the home when extra seating is needed.

For smaller bedrooms, a low-profile bench can serve as both additional seating and an extra nightstand when there’s not room for one on both sides of the bed.

If you want to combine seating and storage, a storage ottoman will do the trick. It’s a great place to stash extra pillows, throws and sheets without jamming the linen closet.


Office Space

If you don’t have room for an office at home but want extra workspace, a desk at the foot of your bed might be the answer. One that has drawers will also provide extra storage.


Fancy footboard: Makeup vanity

Fancy Up 3: Morph Interior Ltd, original photo on Houzz

Makeup Vanity

When bathroom space is at a premium, placing a makeup vanity at the foot of your bed might make sense. This bed’s tall footboard creates a safe space between the makeup and the crisp white bed linens.


Fancy footboard: entertainment console

Fancy Up 4: Zorzi, original photo on Houzz

Entertainment Console

I expect some mixed feelings from sleep experts who recommend screen-free bedrooms, but I also know plenty of people who would find this entertainment console at the foot of the bed a dream setup. The console features a retractable TV and bench seating.


Fancy footboard: potted plants

Fancy Up 5: Topsy Design, original photo on Houzz

Potted Plants

Looks like this bedroom might need a few more cacti if the goal is to keep the dog out of bed, but plants are nonetheless a wonderful, natural addition. This look works best with a platform bed and minimalist bedding, since plants may appear dwarfed next to an opulent bedskirt and extra-deep mattress.

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Pet Beds

Here’s a solution for pet owners who lose sleep to their pet’s tossing and turning beside them. The foot of the bed may be the only spot your buddy will consider relocating to once he’s had a taste of 800 thread count. Get him something equally luxurious and it might not be too hard a sell.


Fancy footboard: DIY approach

Fancy Up 6: Pablo Veiga, original photo on Houzz

DIY Approach

This DIY platform bed made of wood pallets leaves just enough room for a shoe display. The look pairs especially well with bohemian decor. And topping it with pretty heels rather than stinky sneakers is ideal, but I hope that goes without saying.

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