8 Ways to Truly Love Your Body RIGHT NOW

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8 ways to love your body right now

Brittany Miles’ Tumblr– FullBodiedLovin

Recently, a Tumblr blog went viral that was a reminder to love and embrace your body, no matter what size you are, as long as you’re healthy. Brittany Miles battled and overcame an eating disorder, and her path to self acceptance and perspective on weight is refreshing. In celebration of her positive attitude about body image, I spoke with Maria Bucaro, author of Love Your Body Now! Lose The Weight of Self-Hate Gain the Yummy-ness of Goddess-ness about 8 key steps you can take toward appreciating and respecting your body RIGHT NOW.

1. Stop talking about dieting, getting “stuff” done to your body and all around complaining about how you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Stop thinking about it, stop talking about it with other people and especially stop talking about it with yourself.  “Talking about what you don’t want just keeps getting you more of what you don’t want,” explains Bucaro. “Start talking about what you like about your body, what makes you feel good and ask a friend how you can support each other in feeling good.” Focus on what you do want and you’ll get more of that in your life. Bucaro just completed 100 days of celebrating loving her body along with some other women. She also has a Facebook group where you can get inspired and support each other in body image issues.

2.  Assume responsibility for everything that is going on in your reality right now. When you do, then you have the power to alter your reality by changing your thoughts. No one’s opinion matters. Only your opinion matters, which means you get to decide what is beautiful. You get to choose how you see yourself. “If you want to see yourself as beautiful, then consciously begin to see yourself as you want to be,” advises Bucaro. “Begin creating the beauty you truly want by holding the intention of beauty, knowing that you are beautiful right now.”

8 ways to love your body right now3.  Be kind to yourself and your body. Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend. It is not about punishing yourself with physical exercise for the sake of losing weight. It is not about lifting weights and suffering. There is nothing wrong with lifting weights or going out for a run, if you’re happy to do it. It’s about what feels good and is joyful. Your body is craving movement, not punishment. Your body is craving love, not battle. Treat your body well. Explore what you love to do. For example, Bucaro loves to swim, ride her bike and take nature walks. Think about what turns you on and lights you up…and go do it.

4. Listen to your body. It knows what it wants. “Sometimes in order to hear my body, I need to ask it a question,” says Bucaro. “The question can be, ‘What do I want to eat? Do I want another glass of wine? What kind of movement do I want to do today?’ “This really works and it might take a little time to hear what the body is saying, mostly because that little voice that we all have is trying to override what the body is really saying. Be still and listen.”

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