8 Ways to Zero In On Your Decorating Style

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By Laura Gaskill, Houzz

Knowing what you love (and what you don’t) is the first step in creating a home you love spending time in. Instead of starting out with formal names of decorating styles, which can be a bit restrictive, it often helps to first do some pondering about what you love and are drawn to in general. Once you’ve gathered enough information, you can look over your findings and come up with a creative name for the style that’s all yours — pulling features from different looks is what makes a place your own. (20 Ways to Personalize a New House)

1. Notice your long-term preferences. Do you still love some of the same things you did as a kid? Many of us do, and these long-term preferences are extremely important to pay attention to. For instance, when I was a child I loved blue and white, and surrounding myself with these colors still feels the most authentically me.

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Ask yourself: What colors, objects, materials or themes did you love when you were a kid? Do any of these still resonate with you today?

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