Your 7 Most Embarrassing Waxing Questions Answered!

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Waxing is not exactly fun, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Am I right? When you add embarrassment and pain to the mix, it can be even more brutal. But, don’t let fear  keep you from getting your groom on. We’re all friends let’s talk amongst ourselves.

I’ll start, with a confession: I am super hairy…as in sasquatch hairy. I *ahem* grow hair in places most women have nightmares about, and yet, I have never been professionally waxed. Why? Because I’m scared. Scared of the pain. Scared of being judged. Scared of the process. Just scared.

But here’s the thing, I just know there’s gorgeous skin hiding under all that beastly hair of mine, there has to be. As Beauty & Style editor, I recognize it’s time that I face my fur – err, I mean fear in the name of all that’s silky smooth.

When I took to social media and asked y’all for your most embarrassing waxing questions, I was beyond thrilled with your response. Not only did you ladies ask everything I ever wanted to know, you also have the same reservations that I do – whew! Feeling normal, FTW!

I took your questions to none other than Carolyn Staples, licensed aesthetician and owner of OC Waxing & Aesthetics for straight answers on your most embarrassing waxing questions. Take a look!

I’ve never gone for a bikini wax because I’m embarrassed to get so naked in front of a stranger. How does the process work? Am I totally naked? Is the process discreet? ~Anna G.

massage tableCarolyn Staples (CS): Some places will provide you with a drape and cloth before so you’re not just naked and out in the open. Some places don’t – but we do! Thirty seconds into it you totally get over it because you’ve realized that we have probably done 20 bikini waxes that day and we’re not looking at private parts. We are thinking about how the hair grows, how to go about waxing it in the most painless way, how quickly we can do it, and also, we are trying to build a relationship with you and make you feel more comfortable! As far as getting naked, if you are getting a Brazilian done we have to be able to get in all of the nooks and crannies so it’s easiest for you to be naked from the waist down. We have the same lady parts, so I’m seeing the same stuff you’re seeing. It’s what we do, it’s our job – we are never judging what you look like.

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