Are You Overcomplicating Things?

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Getting healthy is simple. Not easy…simple. And many times we over-complicate our plan and overwhelm and frustrate ourselves instead of taking action. This can lead to unnecessary stress that impacts your waistline and quality of life. Let’s clear up what needs to be done to get the results you want, as well as the reasons behind any need you might have to over-complicate your action plan.

It’s burdensome enough to carry around extra weight and deal with the effects of nasty hormonal symptoms. I know. I’ve been there, and I help women every day whose jobs, families and happiness are impacted by their health. What’s worse? I believe that the weight loss industry, many experts and possibly your mother make the process of getting healthy, fit and balanced seem harder than it needs to be.

When we come from the mindset that “getting healthy is hard”, it ends up being that way. Now, don’t get me wrong, overcoming a health condition, keeping weight off and sustaining a healthy lifestyle is no easy feat. It takes persistence, optimism, self-belief and a refusal to quit. But, it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, that just makes the journey more unbearable.

Your health plan needs to have some key lifestyle components that you’re doing on a regular basis. These things can be made fun and personalized to you. That way, when you feel like quitting, or when you’re upset that the results aren’t coming as quickly as you’d hoped, you don’t have a hard-to-follow plan that’s an added stressor in your life. The more simple you keep things, the more likely you’ll be to stick with them.

Here’s what needs to be in your ongoing plan to get healthy, happy and hormonally sound…

  1. Lifestyle zen: Take time every morning to feed your mind with anything positive, uplifting and encouraging. Beyond that, wind down in the evenings with joyful activities (time with family, your favorite book or TV show), and be sure to schedule in regular fun time for outdoors activities, travel and quality time with those you love.
  2. Whole products: Stop buying low-fat or diet foods and start eating REAL foods. You know, the stuff that grows from the ground or comes from a well-cared-for animal. Slowly but assuredly, replace all of your chemically-laden household and skin care products with organic, natural options. Hello, hormonal balance!
  3. Connecting with your body: Move with and engage in activities that feel good to your body. Focus on tending to your body and caring for it the way you would a loved one. Get massages, clothe it in items that make you feel beautiful, or take up a belly dancing class. Do anything that makes you feel connected to your own body and appreciate the one place you’ll live your whole life, even if it’s not looking or functioning the exact way you think it should.

Shift your focus from “I have to do X to get results!” and start thinking about all the things you can do that bring you joy, happiness and feel-good energy. It’s not complicated, nor does it have to feel “hard”. Yes, old feelings of insecurity, fear and unworthiness may rise to the surface, and you can simply observe these things as a byproduct of your detoxing the old to embrace the NEW you.

Notice your motives for making things harder than they need to be. Is it distracting you from dealing with deep feelings you’ve avoided all this time? Does it give you significance so others feel sorry for you? Does it make you feel like you’re doing something even though you’re not getting results (re: busy, but not productive)? Or, it is simply an old pattern of approaching weight loss and getting healthy that you need to shift? Whatever the reason, start simplifying your plan and having fun while getting healthy. It might as well be enjoyable, right?

Action Step: Notice where you’re over-complicating your health plan and start simplifying your actions, making them fun and personalized to you.

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