Bachelorette’s Guide for a Worry-Free Wedding

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Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. The anticipation and joy is euphoric, but there’s a lot more that goes into wedding planning than just saying YES.

There are books and magazines to help you choose your style, dress, décor, and flowers, but making those decisions with financial limits and seemingly endless family requests can become a much larger job than you bargained for.

If you feel more anxious than ecstatic, fear not.  You actually can get through the planning process (almost) stress-free.  

I know a little bit about stress. Not everyone meets their spouse in front of a national television audience!! But, it is my experience as a wedding dress and jewelry designer that allows me to offer these tips to ensure bridal bliss.

Stress Less

 1. Get Inspired

I’m sure as a little girl you dreamt of your big day, maybe you even have a binder of clippings and pictures from decades ago. Now that your wedding day is turning from dream to reality,  it’s important to get your thoughts and ideas narrowed down.

  • Review social media, wedding sites and magazines for ideas.
  • Figure out the style/ theme you both would like for your wedding and then base the details around that.

2. Get Organized

It’s great to have a breakdown of the items needed for your wedding — everything from flowers to transportation to travel. Work out what items each of you would like to tackle. I liked ‘The Knot’s Ultimate Planner & Organizer Binder’ and their ‘Book of Wedding Lists’ to stay on top of everything. 

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