Popping the Question: Best Surprise Proposals

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It is amazing how a single question can cause so much anxiety. When you’re talking about THE question, just a few words can change lives forever and create memories  that will stick with both of you for a lifetime.

That doesn’t mean a proposal needs to be fancy OR expensive. In fact,   just one in ten women said in a survey that the ring was the most important part of a proposal and other research suggests that the more expensive the ring, the higher the stress surrounding the wedding.

Finding the perfect path to I DO  doesn’t require mega-bling or your name up on a JumboTron for all to see. It is all about tapping into the things that make your relationship unique.

If you think a proposal is coming and you want to collect hints for your S.O.,  here are a few ideas:  

Plan a surprise party.

If you or your future fiance likes to be the center of attention, consider planning a surprise party. You can plan it around a birthday or job promotion, and then wait for the perfect moment to pop the question. You’ll be able to celebrate the moment surrounded by all of the people you both care about most in  life. Bonus: Ask the party guests to record the proposal so you will always have it to watch again.

Pick a simple moment. 

If there’s even a hint of a proposal in the air, expectations will undoubtedly start to build. Consider forgetting the fancy stuff and find a simple, everyday  occasion for the special moment. Maybe there is a breakfast restaurant she really loves, or a time of day that you both shut out everything else and just focus on being together. The perfect time and circumstance to propose may already be in your routine and could be the most special way to decide to continue your togetherness. If you are waiting on him, leave him hints– there is nothing wrong with helping out a little to turn your dream into a reality.

Create a scavenger hunt.

Your better half should show you  that the little details of your relationship are what make it so special. Write down or draw clues that take you both down memory lane before you present your idea for the future. The end prize? A big YES.

We dare you not to shed a tear during the scavenger hunt documented in this surprise proposal called “A Second Chance” by Wrigley’s Extra Gum:


You can get in on the action. Tag your own perfect proposal pics on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GiveExtraGetExtra and Wrigley’s may sketch your special moment, too! 


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