Can You Guess THE MOST Inspirational Women?

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You probably have a couple iconic women of whom you hold in the highest esteem. You know, maybe, Mother Teresa or Rosa Parks. Maybe you find Oprah inspirational or Amy Purdy, the Paralympic bronze medalist snowboarder who captured the nation’s heart when she fearlessly took on Dancing With the Stars despite having lost both legs below the knees.

We could go on and on listing stories of women who’ve overcome obstacles or who’ve become famous or wealthy by making it to the top of their fields.

But, the truth is, inspiration is around us every day. When was the last time you looked around at your sisters, friends, boss, and, of course, your mother. No woman is ‘just’ one thing. She may be boss/mom/sister/friend and a heck of a lot more— if you look below the surface.

TJ Maxx toured 16 cities and conducted 500 interviews. The conclusion?
Real inspiration comes from real women. Take a look:


Karen BernatWe asked GalTimers for real stories and  were truly inspired by one story, in particular. Karen Bernat wants all women to know that the first place we should be looking for inspiration is inward. Karen is finally, after a lot of soul-searching (along with some bumps and bruises),  finding inspiration in herself.

She said she is a  daughter, friend, lover, and mother, but that she keeps a part for herself, “that part of her that keeps her going, her essence.”

She said she didn’t always feel so strong, and that her priorities often shifted away from herself. Now, she says she is trusting her intuition and that “she knows again she is on her journey, her path.” She shows her strength to her daughters and she wants them to be inspired not only by her but by themselves.

Bravo, Karen!

Look around and share your stories with us. Who inspires you?

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