Creative Kids Fight Childhood Hunger

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There is perhaps nothing more tragic than a child going hungry. We see images on television all the time of children around the world starving, but the problem is far from foreign. It definitely hits close to home.

Just how many kids go hungry here in the U.S.? How aware are Americans, especially our kids, that there is a real problem? ConAgra Foods wanted to find out, so it presented a shocking statistic to a group of children. Perhaps the most shocking part, though: their brilliant, creative and compassionate ideas for how to fight back. Take a look: 


The video is the inspiration for ConAgra’s #FightHungerTogether digital campaign:

There are ways to fight hunger in our own communities and some are simpler than you may realize. Here are a few options:



Find a local food bank or children’s hunger organization and spend some time there, even if all you have to offer is an hour per month. In that one hour, you can bag  groceries and stock canned goods that can make a difference in the lives of many families. If you have children, find an organization that allows families to come and volunteer together and then discuss ways to eradicate child hunger as a team.


Look for companies that give back

Look for groceries that give back. For instance, as part of the #FightHungerTogether campaign, families can go online to Child Hunger Stops Here and enter codes from specially marked ConAgra packages to donate a meal to those in need. The goal is to donate 3 million meals to families in the United States. 


Spread awareness

Many people are surprised to learn that 1 in 5 children in the U.S. do not get enough to eat. Simply voicing this stat and other children’s hunger information can raise awareness and inspire others to action. Here are some ways to share the video:

To learn more about how to stop child hunger in its tracks: visit 



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