Destination Weddings– In Your Own Backyard

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One of my favorite things about being a planner in New Jersey is that there is no reason to get on a plane to plan an amazing, getaway-style wedding. No offense to the other beautiful parts of the country and world, but we have everything right around us. The thing is, you can find similar locations in whatever state you find yourself. Whether you want the city, country or beach vibe, plan a destination wedding that is more like a staycation.

Getting Camp-y

Many couples are trying to bring the “fun” back to weddings and that includes looking at camp campsites for the entire weekend. The “weekend wedding” couple that knows their friends and family would enjoy 2-3 days of fun instead of a few hours are now able to craft an affair that ranges from rustic to “glamping” (glamorous camping.) There are multiple campsites that offer accommodations for anywhere from 30-300 guests, as well as outdoor activities like kayaking, beach volleyball, and rock climbing.

Think about it. The wedding weekend kicks off on Friday night when everyone arrives, goes through the rehearsal (if applicable), has dinner and maybe ends the night around a campfire.

With a wedding late in the day on Saturday, guests can take part in anything that the camp has to offer until it’s time to get ready. Since the campground is yours for the weekend, the wedding doesn’t have an official “end” time and typically you can keep the party going as late as you want. (If the whole place is yours, that can be a major bonus for the truly fun couple that doesn’t want to deal with town noise ordinances and time restrictions.)

Low-Key Romance

For those couples that are getting married for the second (or third or whatever) time, bed and breakfasts are perfect as they offer low-key romance and understated elegance. Destination weddings typically have small guest counts, and so do bed and breakfast locations. Many of these places have on-site catering for breakfast only, allowing for you to choose any caterer that you want for the actual wedding day.

Like campgrounds, your guests will be welcome to stay  the day before the wedding as well as the day-of, making for a perfect weekend-long get together.   You can pre-plan events, like a winery tour, canoe trip, or a spa day for the girls, so that your guests aren’t left wondering what to do. 

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