Make a Picture-Perfect Picture Wall

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Picture walls are beautiful and can be a great way to build a montage of memories in your home. They can also be daunting and can seem tough to tackle. I mean, who isn’t afraid of hanging multiple frames in a way that looks artistic –and perfect— all at the same time?

The collage creations are worth the time…so we asked two two home décor experts for their top tips on  how to create the picture-perfect look on your wall:

Step 1: Pick the Spot

Lynn Dayton, founder and owner of Dayton Home, encourages us to be mindful of what pictures we are displaying in what rooms. She says, “For reasons of privacy and décor, think of creating personal photo walls in the kitchen, bedroom, office or a second floor hallway, as opposed to the front foyer, dining rooms or formal entertaining spaces.”

Keep the more personal photos to places in your home where people who would appreciate them

would go. Otherwise, put the more universally loved photographs in more public areas of your home.

Tisha Morris, a Feng Shui consultant and interior designer (, suggests avoiding hanging picture walls in rooms that are already busy, since picture walls tend to be busy themselves.

Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz, the designer behind Shine By S.H.O ( advises, “When planning a picture wall consider all the ingredients of the room: Does the room have wallpaper? Is the wall painted a pop color? Is there competing texture in the room with fabrics? Bold or quiet shapes in the furniture design? Evaluate all these ingredients and determine if the art will enhance the space of add too much confusion.”


Step 2: Pick the Theme


picture perfect picture wallEvery great picture wall has a theme. “Consistency makes the best statement,” says Dayton. She recommends trying out pictures in chronological order, grouping black and white pictures together or color photos together, or sorting by “photo content or events.”

Family vacations and weddings are great examples of events to create a picture wall around. Morris remarks that while a Picasso painting may not go well with pictures drawn by your kids, she advises, “Feel free to mix and match styles of art within your theme for more depth and dimension to your picture wall collection.” She says, “The contrast of a pen and ink fine art print with a colorful, acrylic fine art painting would look great.”

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