Easy Tips For Going Green At Your Wedding

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First comes love—then comes wedding planning! And now-a-days, green weddings are becoming more en vogue as we become more eco-conscious. “A green wedding goes hand in hand with the idea of marriage,” says Kate Harrison, author ofThe Green Bride Guide, the nation’s leading resource for green wedding ideas, products and services about how to be more eco-friendly. “It’s about a long-term sustainable future together, and to kick that off with a bunch of disposable items feels contradictory to me.”

So what can brides do to be kind to Mother Earth? Well, you don’t have to wear a dress made out of oats or offer a cake made out of raw sprouts! “But you can be aware that every single part of a wedding has many eco-friendly alternatives, from rings to your honeymoon,” says Harrison. Here are 5 ways you can go green as you plan your special day.

1. Save trees with your invitation choice.

The easiest way to go green is through the invitations. “You can do a digital invitation for casual weddings to a high end couture invitation on recycled cotton,” recommends Harrison.

2. Pick a centrally-located venue.

The idea here is to cut down on wasting fuel. Choose a venue that does both the wedding and reception so guests don’t have to drive to more than one location. You should also make the venue central to a majority of guests rather than wasting fuel to fly them in, suggests Harrison.

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