Fall Fashion 2016: Boho is Back

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Bohemian, bobo, boho-chic…  Fashion has been in love with the boho fashion for, like, ever. The very word calls to mind tie-dye and Kate Moss, the 60’s and 70’s, fringe and the freedom to live the life you want to live, the way you want to live it. The good news for all us free-spirits: Boho is BACK, and we are gonna slay it.

To kick-start Fall Fashion 2016, we’ve hand-picked pieces to channel the glories of Boho greats into your everyday wardrobe.


Kick it Like Kate 

Kate Moss Elle France Boho

via StyleFrizz

It wouldn’t be a post on Boho without a nod to Ms. Moss. She is a Bohemian pioneer who made the look famous again in the 90’s and the 2000’s – check out her effortless style and experimentation with mixing patterns, layers and length. Get her look by layering a long, off-white lace kaftan over distressed shorts, and adding black ankle booties.

kate moss boho

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Just Janis 

Janis joplin boho style

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Take another little piece of our heart, Janis! She is as much known for her uninhibited lifestyle as she is for her incredible blues talent. Her look alone inspired millions of women to add color, texture and life to their wardrobes. Put some Janis on your record player (if you are lucky enough to have one) and take this look for a spin: Collarless fur vest in an unconventional color plus funky beads – and, of course, sensational shades.

janis joplin boho

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All You Need is Ali

ali macgraw boho

via InStyle

Ali MacGraw was the 70’s when she lit up the screen in the tearjerker “Love Story.” Ali’s unique hippie-meets-preppy style influences designers even today. Channel her look with a colorful patterned go-go dress and tall boots. Bonus points for rocking a middle part!

ali macgraw go go boho


Sister Sister, Olsen-Style

olsen twins boho

via Celebs Place

Kate Moss wasn’t going solo creating the Boho craze in the 90’s that actually peaked way into 2005. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen helped the Bohemian fashion scene explode by popularizing the style in America. Their signature look included flowing skirts and oversized sweaters that edged into “hobo grunge.” Let’s give this now-famous style a try by layering a sweater over a long, pleated skirt and adding costume jewelry. Wear your hair au natural like fashion’s fave twin icons!

olsen twins boho


Stevie Steals the Show

stevie nicks boho

via Bustle

She is an icon both musically and visually, holding her own in a group of men and owning her own eccentricity. Stevie Nicks is everything boho wrapped into one, and we love her for it. To channel some of Stevie’s legendary look, try a kimono top, big hair (don’t care!) and LOTS of gold: bracelets, necklaces, etc.

stevie nicks boho

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