Get Curls Without Heat

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Yep, you read that right – it’s totally possible to get red-carpet curls without frying your hair. Sound crazy? It’s easier than you’d think. We called on stylists and hair aficionados from all over to brainstorm fantastic and heat-free methods of curling great curls! From old-fashioned rollers to pillowcases, the stuff they came up with was pretty great. Take a look.

Get Your Braid On

“Rock a braid all day and have gorgeous curls and waves all night! Or sleep in a braid, and release gorgeous, bouncy curls the next day,” say the stylists of Assembly Salon, L.A.’s first braid and ponytail bar.

“I always French braid my hair when damp for long-last curls; two pigtail French braids for tighter curls and regular braid for curls that start midway down my head. Rag curls work, too, but are more time consuming. Just put your favorite styling product in first, comb through and braid,” says Miami-based dancer Lauren Cheek.

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Condition, Condition, Condition

“I have a head full of massive curls, and I avoid heat 95% of the time. I use Alaffia moisturizer to twist my hair. I let it dry overnight and untwist my hair in the morning. The end result is massive, bouncy curls with shine and locked-in moisture! I can skip washing my hair the next day and just wrap it up at night. The curls will remain intact! It took me several years to find the just the right formula. I know if I avoid heat today, the end result will be long, healthy curls without tangles and split ends tomorrow,” says jewelry designer Ursula Reynolds

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A Pillowcase?!

“My mom is the only one of Grandmother’s three daughters (there are also three boys) who didn’t have super curly hair, and this pillowcase technique is how Grandmother curled my mom’s hair as a girl. Maybe it’s old fashioned to still do it this way what with all the options available, but I like carrying on such a simple tradition. And it’s free. Jackpot,” writes blogger Chrissann Gasparro in a fun and colorful post.


Back to Rollers

“As an African American with natural hair, I sometimes use a two strand twist out or a roller set to help with no heat curls,” says Ashley Green of NCMSDC.

“Roll hair and let it air-dry overnight with rollers on – if you can stand to sleep in them,” says blogger Natasha Carmon of Louisville, Ky.

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Pin Curls

“I use pin curls with large clips to curl (and eliminate frizz). Depending on how much curl and how long your hair is, you can get curls, spirals or smooth, wavy hair. When my hair is nearly dry (about 85 percent), I make pin curls, one on each, two on top and two in the back,” says author, artist and holistic health coach Denise DeMaras.

“Ask your mom about pin curls! Wind strands of damp hair around your finger and secure with bobby pin. Two fingers = larger, looser curls. No one had fried hair when I was growing up,” says Carole Holden of Gelmtree Advertising.

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