Grammar for (Online Dating) Dummies

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Ever wondered why the cutie architect from Match never answered your message? Why the law student who liked fishing didn’t take the bait with your Hinge opener? Well, really, who knows… the world of online dating is a crazy place. One thing is clear, though: If you are a crappy speller or even a worse grammar-er, it is time to up your game if you want to catch —and keep– your online crush. 

Dating site Zoosk recently conducted a survey, and a whopping 72% of respondents reportedly consider poor spelling and grammar to be a deal breaker.

YEP, nearly three-quarters will delete, ignore or swipe left if you are messy with your messages.

Is that you’re biggest pet peeve to? ( The errors are killing us!)

 Emily Bartz of has studied patterns in online dating and says it makes sense .  “Poor spelling and grammar give off a sense of carelessness”, she says. You may seem lazy, or like you don’t really care enough to even proofread.  “While a few slip-ups may not seem like a big deal, online daters should remember that this is their first impression with a potential match, which means their match is likely paying attention to every last detail.”

Digital body language

Bartz equates bad spelling and grammar to poor body language on a date. “You wouldn’t sit across the table from someone with your arms crossed and your eyes down because it might give off the impression that you are uninterested or bored.” 

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