Halloween Can Be Dangerous– For Your Pet

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When it comes  to Halloween, we’re careful to protect our little witches and goblins. Yes, we teach our kids that there may be tricks amongst the treats and that we must check all goodies before our little ones can tear in.

We don’t always think about taking extra precautions with our pets, but it’s important.

Playing with fire 

Halloween decorations like jack-o-lanterns and candles present problems as well as holiday charm. Inquisitive felines may set themselves afire by poking around these decorations or knock them off of a high perch while leaping about.

Dogs’ tails are able to quickly clear coffee tables in a flash. Causing a fire in your home could be disastrous and your pet could burn itself, your children or yourself. Try using battery powered “candles.” They may not glow as bright, but are a safe alternative.

Candy =trouble for your pet

Candy is definitely a treat for us, but no matter how they beg for it, candy, chocolate in particular, can be toxic to our furry friends. Even the wrappings can be a danger; properly dispose of the foil and plastic wrappings, it can easily become lodged in our pets’ throats or intestines and form a blockage.

If you feel the need to give your pets treats, buy special biscuits or snacks to give your pet when you are having your snack. Keep some handy by the door. When the door bell rings, give one to Fido. That will teach him/her that the door bell means a treat, rather than a trick from the costumed little one on the other side.

Whether you dress up yourself, your children or your pets, costumes can make a hazard all their own.  Costumes have strange accessories that your dog or cat may think of as a toy and try to nibble on or consume all together. Be cautious where you leave them hanging, it could be a costly expense to replace the gear or an even more costly trip to the vet for surgical removal.

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