Halloween Candy: 8 Little Tips to Avoid Overindulging (Again)

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I’ve decided those all the fun-size bars my son collects at Halloween are going to go bad on Thanksgiving. Of course, the candy is created to survive the Armageddon. But he won’t know that, and I am pretty sure I can fool myself into believing it. A month is plenty of time to dole out the loot and anything that remains, even if it is stale-ish licorice or off-brand imitations of the good stuff, will just be a temptation I don’t need.  

Setting your own expiration date on Halloween candy is a good strategy, says Mary Hartley, RD, so long as it makes you feel in control. 

“But remember,” Hartley warns, “the candy isn’t yours. It belongs to the kids.” 

All bets may be off when it comes to Halloween candy ownership or “best if eaten by” date. So maybe the cold, hard calorie facts will keep your candy snacking in check.  

Butterfinger bars in the mini-size are 85 calories each, Hartley reveals. Skittles ring in with the lowest calorie count at 40.  

Perhaps tallying the count of a one-night binge is enough to keep you from ever opening the plastic bag. Or, you could opt to buy lower-cal candy that will pack half the punch of Butterfingers.  

No matter whether you choose to buy big bags of small bars or the candy ends up in your house from a kid’s treat bucket or well-intended neighbor, here are more tricks to keep you from overindulging this holiday. 

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