Hot Makeup Trends for Fall and Winter 2016

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With a new season comes brand new trends, and we are in love with the make­up trends that autumn/winter 2016 has to offer. From sultry lip colors to dramatic eyeliner, we have put together our favourite make­up trends that can be worn any day of the week!

Berry Lips

Hot Makeup Trends 2016tumblr

This season go for a lip color that’s darker than your normal shade. It’s all about deep berry shades! Think dark reds, plums and blueberry. If you’re a little bit scared to wear a darker

shade, just trust us, it’s worth embracing the fear because it looks fabulous! The best thing about this trend is that it pretty much suits anyone, no matter what skin tone you have.

Gold Eyeshadow

Fall 2016 makeup styles

BoomcackMUA (VIA Instagram)

If you follow beauty bloggers or make­up artists on Instagram you’ve probably watched this trend explode. Add a luxe feel to your make­up look this autumn by donning spectacular gold eyelids! Gold eyeshadow makes total sense for this time of year. The metallic color works great on all skin tones too, and goes perfectly with any lip colour.

Dramatic Eyeliner

Dramatic Eyeliner


Dramatic eyes are key this season, bigger the better. Applying this style of eyeliner is as easy as 123, especially with the easy to follow tutorial above!

Color­ Popping Lids

vibrant_eyelids__galtime_ copy

Now a trend for the brave and bold, behold the yellow hued eyelids! These are quite daring and eclectic so if you’re a stylish fashionista and know you can pull these off, go for it! Channel confidence wherever you go by sporting this look.

Statement Eyebrows

statement_eyebrows__galtime_ copy

The Make­Up Bag

If you want to make a statement this season, then go for oversized eyebrows. These look good and you can’t go wrong! Be sure to find plenty of inspiration online if you’re not sure where to start.

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