Pretty Palettes From NY’s Fall Fashion Week For Your Home

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By Erin Carlyle, Houzz

New York Fashion Week has come to an end, but styles from the runways still offer plenty of inspiration. Designer collections for spring 2017 feature a wide array of palettes, from dramatic red, black and white color-blocking to blends of soft and soothing neutrals. Read on to see how some of the runway color schemes might translate to room decor.

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NYFW Black and White Striped Slacks

NYFW 1: Rikki Snyder, original photo on Houzz

Runway photos of the fall 2016 edition of New York Fashion Week from

Fashion designer: Bibhu Mohapatra

Room designer: Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Designer Bibhu Mohapatra’s black-and-white striped slacks and bright coral top marry a classic geometric pattern with a happy color for a pulled-together yet enthusiastic vibe.

This room in New York City achieves a similar color palette through a base of graphic black and white for the wallpaper, artwork, and sofa, with bursts of coral added via the throw pillows and benches. Multiple patterns work well together because they are unified by a single color scheme.


NYFW Purple and Yellow

NYFW 2: Amanda Nisbet, original photo on Houzz

Fashion designer: Bibhu Mohapatra

Room designer: Amanda Nisbet

This dress design, also by Bibhu Mohapatra, merges complementary colors purple and yellow. According to color theory, colors opposite one another on the color wheel — complementary colors — create greater contrast and therefore a higher energy level, whether in a room or on an outfit.

Like the dress, this room offers a blend of colors and textures that surprises but doesn’t overwhelm. Interior designer Amanda Nisbet marries purple and yellow but manages to keep the mood less electric by choosing a pale shade of yellow. The large piece of art above the sofa echoes the details of the model’s outfit: The red lips in the art correspond to the model’s lipstick color, while the blue eyes are similar to the blue-green ankle straps on the model’s sandals.

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NYFW Blue Clouds

NYFW 3: Visbeen Architects, original photo on Houzz

Fashion designer: Marcel Ostertag

Room designer: Visbeen Architects

The print of the skirt of this Marcel Ostertag dress evokes a blue sky with clouds, a theme that lends itself well to an inviting children’s room. The aqua green of the dress bodice can be found in the grass strands artfully painted along the lower half of the wall. For an adult dress, the palette is cold, but the print is cheerful.

In a juvenile’s room, blended with warm wood tones, the scheme becomes even more welcoming.


NYFW Colorful Butterflies

NYFW 4: Jason Jones Photography, original photo on Houzz

Fashion designer: Vivienne Tam

Vivienne Tam brought colorful butterflies to many of her prints this year, here in a mix of purple, yellow, pink, black and white.

This room echoes the fanciful feeling of the dress, thanks to its unabashedly purple base and colorful art above the fireplace. Scattered color across the bookshelves keeps it from being monochrome violet.


NYFW Feminine Ruffles

NYFW 5: Echelon Custom Homes, original photo on Houzz

Fashion designer: Marchesa

Room designer: Echelon Custom Homes; furnishings designed by The Interior Collection

The Marchesa gowns for spring 2017 were full of ruffles, femininity and effervescence in various color schemes.

The champagne and lavender tones of this layered affair translate well to a soft mauve room, where various textures — from the shimmering drapes and metallic nightstand to the patterned rug and tufted headboard — mimic the rich layer-cake feel of the dress.

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NYFW Floral Theme

NYFW 6: Matt Varnado of Varnado Photography, original photo on Houzz

Fashion designer: Vivienne Tam

Another Vivienne Tam creation continues a floral theme, but with a vastly different color scheme. The deeply colored accent wall of this sitting room, found in a home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, echoes the bold rust-orange of the dress. The room features reds, greens, and yellows like the dress — it needs only a touch of blue to complete the palette.

“We tend to associate bold color with modern and contemporary spaces, but you can also inject big color into more traditional rooms,” writes color expert and Houzz contributor Jennifer Ott about this room.

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