How to Volunteer at School From Home!

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By: Jess Young, Team VolunteerSpot 

Class needs, sport physicals, extra-curriculars, and even work seem to fill the family calendar with the kids back in school.

Don’t feel guilty if your schedule doesn’t allow you to be physically present while volunteering this term. 

Instead, use your time at home wisely to make a difference and still do good for your child’s school. 

Note: Be sure to include your kids in artwork, cooking and other preparations for the teacher – they’ll feel extra proud knowing their family contributed to the year’s activities. 

1. Network for the school auction by reaching out to local vendors for deals, coupons, and gifts. A simple email here and a call there may make all the difference for your school’s fundraiser. 
2. Make cut-outs and decorations for your child’s teacher’s bulletin board, door or classroom. 
3. Help with technology – volunteer to update your school’s website, facebook or twitter accounts or work with the teacher to setup helpful educational links and resources on Pinterest and Symbaloo. 
4. Offer to coordinate classroom helpers and school volunteers  – it’s easy with – free online sign up sheets  let parents sign up to help on a simple online calendar they can access from any computer or smart phone, 24/7.  Automated reminders help everyone keep their commitments too! 
5. Hone your design skills to create artwork for the school’s big fundraiser, yearbook, or athletic event. 
6. Help your teacher research websites for a lesson plan or update a PowerPoint or presentation to make their class more engaging. 
7. Reach out to local news outlets and online publications giving a shout out for your child’s teacher to show your appreciation. 
8. Bake a cake for the carnival cake walk, cookies for the bake sale, or simply a special cupcake for the teacher.
9. Collect gently used books for the classroom – simply send out a flyer to neighbors and keep a box on your porch for a special collection for the classroom. 
10. Make sure your child’s homework is done and they are well-fed for the start of the day; having a bright mind and energized body will make all the difference for your child and their teacher. 

There’s no teacher in the world who won’t appreciate a parent who offers to help! And volunteering from home is just as helpful as showing your face in the building. When busy work (like cutting tedious craft kits or copying paper handouts) is completed by a parent that leaves the teacher to do her job; namely, being the creative genius behind your child’s education. 

Parent’s helping out from home = Parents doing good! 

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