Let’s Get Cheek-y

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Spring is in bloom, but if your complexion is more ruddy than radiant it’s time to bring on the blush. The issue: how to pick the perfect one? Out cheek-y checklist:

● First pick the best formula for your skin-type; normal to dry skins look best with cream formulas while powder formulas are better-suited for oily complexions.

tarte cheek stains

tarte cheek stains, $30

To get the best look from a cream blush just tap a few dots of color from the apple of your cheek to the temple using your ring finger and blend up and towards your hairline.

For powder formulas use a small blush brush, swirl the brush onto the color then tap off the excess from the brush.

Next apply lightly in circular motions, concentrating on the apples and then fade and blend into the hairline.

Revlon Powder Blush

Revlon powder blush, about $9

● The most natural shade for everyone is one that replicates the color your cheeks have when you get flushed, this is usually a slightly rosier version of your natural skin tone. 

Other universally flattering shades are those in the peachy pink range.

To choose the best level of color decide if you are Fair, Light, Medium or Deep.

Make sure you take into account the sun-factor in the summer.

MAC 129 powder blush brush

MAC 129 powder blush brush, $35

A little sunshine goes a long way in changing your skin tone. Account for any bronzer, too!

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