Makeup that Won’t Melt

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As much as we love a long hot summer, the heat takes a toll on our beauty routines. Hair frizzes in the humidity, sweat runs down our necks and – inevitably – your makeup melts right off your face. After a walk in the heat, that mascara and eyebrow pencil you painstakingly drew on is now making you look like a raccoon. Not quite the look we’re going for… 


So, what’s a gal to do? We turn to beauty expert Rita Ragone for some much-needed advice on makeup that beats the heat!

Powder to the People

“Powder foundation works better than liquid makeup any day, and you’ll have fewer touch ups,” Ragone says. Chanel makes a wonderful one, she says, but for those of us on a budget, so does MAC (below), Neutrogena and Bare Minerals.MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation“Powder blush and bronzer also stay on and look more crisp than gel or crème tints when the temperature soars,” she adds. She suggests Honest Beauty.

Ditch the eyeshadow creams, too. “Try using a sheer wash of champagne or bronze with a little sparkle to it to keep your look light and fresh!”

She also recommends blotting paper sheets for on the go. This product absorbs excess oil and perspiration on the surface of your face – perfect for that shiny summer skin.

Do You Really Need PRIMER?

Go Naked

On your face, at least! A “hot” option for summer (we intended that pun) is to go for a barely-there makeup look. Mila Kunis SLAYED her recent cover of “Glamour,” wearing little-to-no makeup. We think she looks gorgeous naturally, and would definitely recommend this look.

Mila Kunis on the cover of "Glamour" magazine with no makeup.

My Lip Gloss is Poppin’

For those of us who can’t get by without a little help from our makeup kit, grab lip gloss. It’s easy to retouch, sparkly and stays in place, Ragone says. 


If you’d prefer something a bit less shiny, try a tinted lip balm. 

“Instead of lipstick which can melt and travel all over your face, try a tinted lip balm in a poppy or plum shade,” she recommends. “Burts Bees has fun choices and they’re natural!”

Waterproof Errythang

“Waterproof lip liner: the only kind I use all year round,” Ragone reveals. “It really keeps your lipstick in its place!” You can pick these up at your favorite drugstore.

We’re all about the brow. “Keeps your brows exactly where they should be all day until you remove them with a facial cleanser,” she says. Benefit cosmetics has some great color choices, and is my favorite!

There’s a decent chance you use waterproof eyeliner already, but it is even more important during the summer heat.

“Some of the best are right from the drug store or Sally Beauty!” Ragone says. “Jordana, NYX and Beautique (below) are my fave brands.”

Beautique Eye Pencil

Fake It ’til You Make It

Last but far from least, Ragone’s favorite heat-beating beauty trick is false eyelashes. It’s easier than fussing with the mess of waterproof mascara, she explains.

“Your eyes will look gorgeous until you’re ready to take them off!” Her pick: Ardell Self Adhesive lashes

Ardell Self Adhesive lashes

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