Meet Me For Coffee… It’s Important

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We all need to be connected, right? Yes, for most of us, that includes being tethered to our phones, tablets or desktops 24/7. Thanks to social media, we ‘meet’ people we’d otherwise never know and research actually shows in increase in productivity for employees who utilize the cyber networks. 

We may be more efficient, but are we really better off? A study by Professor Gregory Northcraft out of the University of Illinois finds,“Technology has made us much more efficient, but much less effective.” Basically, we are getting less empathetic and are losing the ability to form trusting relationships in the workplace and our personal lives.

So,  is it time to do an about face?  There is evidence that face-to-face communications has biological benefits you simply can’t get online (Think: laughter is the best medicine) and that personal communication offer subtle cues necessary to form opinions and emotions.

Moderation, of course, is key. No one is saying to dump your digital devices. (We wouldn’t want to send you into excruciating withdrawal), but it is time to take a break and cultivate your ‘in real life’ relationships. It doesn’t take long. Just meet for coffee and catch up. What could be better than that?

Starbucks is launching its #MeetMeAtStarbucks campaign to bring people back together:


Let us know how you stay connected!


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