More Than Just a Pretty Face

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We spend a lot of money on skincare. By 2021, the skincare industry is expected to top $155 USD billion worldwide.

That multi-billion dollar number represents all skincare combined, but it’s no secret that our faces get the most of that love and attention. 

What about the rest of your body, though? Doesn’t it deserve some of that skincare love, too? Jergens thinks so. With the help of comedic actress Leslie Mann and YouTube beauty guru Andrea Brooks, the company set out to let women know, “You’re more than just a pretty face”:



Moisturizing is a vital component of healthy skin, period.  In addition to keeping your skin moisturized, take a look at these other tips for healthy and soft skin all over your body:

Drink plenty of water.

It may be the oldest piece of beauty advice out there, but staying hydrated will make you look and feel better. Period. An adult woman should consume 9 cups of beverages every day for optimal skin health. 


Stay away from the sun.

Too much sun exposure can leave your skin dry, and can lead to premature aging. Wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, give your face the extra protection of a hat or visor, and seek out shade when possible. 


Avoid over-cleansing.

Your skin has its own combination of oils that keep it moisturized. When you wash too much of that natural oil away, it can lead to dryness, breakouts and even signs of aging. Opt for warm, not hot, showers and gentle cleansers. Only use soap when you are genuinely dirty or sweaty.


Eat well.

Even though the science is still inconclusive, some experts believe there is indeed a connection between the foods you eat and the appearance of your skin. A diet high in Vitamin C but low in refined carbohydrates may make your skin look better and more youthful.


Stop smoking.

There are a lot of known health issues that derive from smoking, but did you know that your skin also suffers? The toxins in cigarettes damage the elastin and collagen in your skin and can lead to wrinkles. 

How do you keep the skin all over your body looking and feeling great?

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