For the Junk Food Junkie in You

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It’s National Junk Food Day, or ‘Calories Don’t Count Day.’ That beloved time when you can throw caution to the wind and have sugar, carbs, even fried food at every meal! If you do that every day? Well, today you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

We stacked up our fave, mouth-watering,  treats that’ll have you grabbing an extra caramel swirl latte with extra, extra just to wash it all down.

To start the day:

Copy Cat Krispy Creme Donuts

How can you go wrong with these circles of ooey-gooey glazed goodness. These circles of dough will melt in your mouth just like the real things, but you don’t have to jump in the car to grab these dream donuts. They’re pretty easy to make. Can’t you just see yourself licking the glaze off your fingers right now?

Krispy Kreme

Courtesy: CookingClassy. Wanna cook it? Click Here

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Moving on to lunch…

Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich

Butter, bread AND mac and cheese? YES, please! We feel like we’re cheating and mom’s going to catch us. By the way, you can add steak, ham, hot peppers, mustard or anything else you want into this baby to really give it an extra pop. (OK, we’ll go to an extra spin class tomorrow. Don’t judge…)


Grilled mac and cheese

Courtesy Spend With Pennies Wanna Cook It? Click Here

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