Natural Ways To Look Less Tired

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We are used to hearing about the benefits of getting enough sleep and the detriments of not getting enough sleep. Sure, ideally we would all like to get more sleep – but, for many of us, this isn’t always possible. Life is hectic, time flies, and sleep patterns are tricky. And there are few things more discouraging than standing in front of the mirror after a restless night, lights blazing down on you, seeming to accentuate your tired eyes and pale complexion. 

Having been in this situation myself once or twice (*ahem), I asked a couple of experts on the subject how one might avoid comments like ‘You look SO tired!’ that can make the long day ahead seem even longer. 

“With age, we lose volume on the face, especially around the cheeks. When we get less sleep this loss looks more prominent and we looked hollowed out,” explains board certified dermatologist and clinical professor Tanya Kormeili, MD. 
“The best treatment is obviously hyaluronic acid. This is a natural product made by the skin to absorb and hold on to water. We make less of this precious material as we age. There are products that contain hyaluronic acid as a cream or serum that can help restore some of the visual effects of this problem. Another trick is to keep the area well moisturized! Use lots of moisturizers that contain ceramides. Dry skin looks more sunken!” 

Kormeili also shares a few quick tips on how to help improve your tired appearance on those mornings when makeup alone doesn’t seem to do the trick: 

In addition to that general look of fatigue we may experience after not sleeping enough, some also experience dark circles and puffiness around the eyes as a result of a lack of sleep. 

“Everyone has experienced dark circles under their eyes from lack of sleep, stress, and general ailments,” explains certified nutritionist Cheryl Wheeler Duncan. She provides some possible clues as to the underlying cause of these dark circles: 

1. Lack of minerals in the body. 
2. Kidneys need flushing. 

“Dark circles and under eye puffiness are caused by acidity in the body. Acidity in the body can create liver and kidney toxins that manifest symptoms into dark circles under people’s eyes. To help remedy this problem, people need to flush their bodies, while adding minerals,” explains Duncan. She offers some advice on how to prevent under eye puffiness and keep from looking tired and fatigued throughout the rest of your day: 

A warm bath (or splashing warm water on your face)

“Warm water brings head to the skin and causes vasodialation – dilation of the blood vessels, and we appear more “voluminous and fresh!” The effects are temporary of course.” 

Chilled teabags or a cold compress

“Cold has anti-inflammatory effect but direct ice on skin can burn the skin so – no direct ice please!”

Berries for breakfast!

“Berries are filled with anti-oxidants that help fight oxidative damage on the skin.” 


Make sure to stay hydrated during the day to assist in flushing out your kidneys. Place a cool washcloth over the cucumbers and your face for about 5 minutes. Cucumbers are very alkaline, and will temporarily help take care of light circles and puffiness around the eyes. 

Danielle Miller is a freelance writer and editor from the Boston area. She is a publishing project manager and has written articles on health and relationship-related topics for various outlets for several years. She is also a book editor, working mainly on books relating to science, technology, and user experience.  

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