Patio Plants For Winter

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Just because it’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t be surrounded by beautiful plants—on your patio. Safe from even snow and ice, plants housed within the safety of your patio will not only thrive, but invigorate the area around them. And this time of year, we can use all the extra invigoration we can get!

Which plants love the patio and which don’t? You’ll want to consider the size and temperature to answer this one.


Keep it green

Evergreens are an easy fit, as are seasonal blooms like poinsettia and mums. This is their season to shine, so let them—out front, out back, even indoors. And remember, just because they only appear on the market shelves once a year, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them year-round. You can.


 Seasonal, shm-easonal

patio plants for fall and winterThe poinsettia and mums adorning my patio space were purchased last year and continue to look great.

Evergreens like juniper and ferns are an easy choice for the patio. As the name implies, they are “forever” green, come rain or shine, sleet or snow. And they’re attractive, so be sure to include a dose of deep green, or shimmery ice blue-gray—in the case of juniper—as a gorgeous backdrop to your seasonal color.

Purple haze

 For those inclined toward purple, the heather plant is ideal for the patio.

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